A few words from Vincent Legendre, the Chairman of the Board

“The world is changing, as is the Legendre Group.We’re ready to rise to the challenges that tomorrow’s construction will bring.”

“In a consistently complex economic environment, we have been able to adapt and innovate to meet the expectations of a society undergoing profound change, as well as the concerns of local authorities, businesses and citizens calling for a safer and more environmentally friendly regional development model.

Here within the Legendre Group, we do not see these upheavals as a constraint but rather as an opportunity. We have proven that we are now a major player in urban transformation. But actions are more important than words, which is why we are working today to build the cities of tomorrow. This is so much more than a mere trend. We are acting to create sustainable solutions and the buildings of the future.

Based on the long-term vision of our businesses and on our values over the past 70 years, we are now expanding our activities by placing our expertise at the service of our clients with the comfort of users and residents in mind.

From conception to facilities management via construction and marketing, we adapt to the needs of our clients by offering tailor-made offers.

Legendre Group boasts certain strong ambitions in terms of development within its historical businesses, construction, property and energy, but also within those new activities that are set to be an effective growth driver for the future.

Now more than ever, we need to keep developing new areas of expertise and markets as the company has always done, while preserving our DNA as builders. This new era is known as Legendre 3.0″

Vincent Legendre, Chairman of the Board

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which was set up at the end of 2015, is in charge of the Group's strategic decisions and direction. It meets at least once per month, with Vincent Legendre, it's chairman, being joined by four General Managers: Alain Girard, Pascal Martin, Olivier Roualec and Bertrand Ruaux.

Vincent Legendre

Bertrand Ruaux

Olivier Roualec

Pascal Martin

Alain Girard

Supervisory Board

A Supervisory Board was created on 1st January 2016. Presided over by Jean-Paul Legendre, it works alongside the new governance system to manage the Group's strategic direction.


Jean-Paul Legendre

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has been "leading" the company on a daily basis since 2011. Its role is to share the vision of the Board of Directors and the Group Strategy with all company managers. Through doing so, It fosters communication about the Group's strategic axes and their applications.

Vincent Legendre

Bertrand Ruaux

Olivier Roualec

Pascal Martin

Alain Girard

Franck PALAS

Franck Palas

Matthieu LEIZE

Matthieu Leize


Didier Hurault


Franck Gosselin

Jean-Baptiste CHARLIN

Jean-Baptiste Charlin

Guillaume BEGHIN

Guillaume Beghin


Jérôme Bonnouvrier


Herve Matyas

Philippe MENEZ

Philippe Menez


Samuel Guilleux


Simon Soulimant

Charles-Antoine CORRE

Charles-Antoine Corre


Denis Motard