A few words from Vincent Legendre, the Chairman of the Board

“The world is changing, and so is the Legendre Group. We’re ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.”

“Once again, the past year made our group grow. It went from a 560M € turnover to 680M € in 2018 which is a sizable growth of 12%. Our teams were mobilised to set up our strategies based on a 3 trades organisation. They are now the reason why the Legendre group is a company that stands out, is able to tackle the challenges of the real estate, energy and construction markets.

Even if 2018 was a year of mixed results, we genuinely believe that the group will continue to grow thanks to the efforts made throughout the year. Construction trades especially suffered these last years. The global context of the market was marked by a raise of our costs in order to face ever lower prices. The Legendre group registered an increase in business since mid-2017 and prepared itself for future success.

We tend to reduce our exposure concerning tenders in order to prioritise design and build projects. And it pays off! The proportion of traded over-the-counter markets, without calls for competition, significantly increased. Same observation when it comes to our general contractor activity. We had this will since 2017 and we are really proud to say that our ambitions have been fulfilled. With the takeover of GSB, close to Chambery (South east of France), we have put forth the first step of our establishment in Rhône-Alpes.

We are pursuing our international expansion beyond the French territory: Our first operation in Jersey has started and we also opened a new subsidiary in Portugal  In the meantime, real estate trades worked really well. The real estate turnover doubled and raced the whole group to the top. Turnkey projects are increasing and facilities management is taking off with a second managed residence. Legendre XP teams are getting ready to manage a new kind of place: the multi activity “Glaz Arena” located in Rennes (35). In terms of asset management, we were fortunate enough to have a favourable climate to run our property assets.

Finally, the energy market has pretty much stabilised. We benefited from on-farm consumption project legislation and refocused our expertise on this specific activity. This is a success, since then our teams did more than 15 megawatts of on-farm consumption solar projects on buildings of different nature in 2018. Regarding this statement and taking our ambitions for 2019 into consideration, the Group confirms its position and stands firm in its commitment to its fundamentals. 


Moving forward without turning our back on the past,

This is what’s guiding Legendre Group employees daily.


Vincent Legendre, Chairman of the Board

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, created at the end of 2015, is in charge of the Group's strategic decisions and direction. It meets at least once a month, with Vincent Legendre, its chairman, joined by five General Managers: Alain Girard, Pascal Martin, Olivier Roualec, Bertrand Ruaux and Denis Motard.

Vincent Legendre

Bertrand Ruaux

Olivier Roualec

Pascal Martin

Alain Girard


Denis Motard

Supervisory Board

A Supervisory Board was created on 1st January 2016. Presided over by Jean-Paul Legendre, it works alongside the new governance system to manage the Group's strategic direction.


Jean-Paul Legendre


The CoLege, former Executive Committee, has been "leading" the company on a daily basis since 2011. Its role is to share the vision of the Board of Directors and the Group Strategy with all company managers. Through doing so, It fosters communication about the Group's strategic axes and their applications.