Our vision

Commitment to sustainably constructing cities and regions is at the heart of Legendre Group’s strategy and organisation.




Notre vision


The Legendre Group believes that, in order to stand the test of time, a major building Group needs to be able to create value, be flexible to change, innovate constantly, operate its own buildings, provide associated services, expand internationally and control its energy costs.

Our ambitions

Great ambitions stem from this vision. Some of these ambitions hang on the things that have always made the Group renowned and successful.

This is true, for example, of the values and differences the Legendre Group holds dear and which will continue to be cultivated. Our builder’s DNA – still a key element of the Group’s strategic vision – is gradually being installed in another area, energy. Finally, the Legendre Group is aiming to develop its turnover internationally.

Our strategy

In order to achieve its ambitious targets, the Legendre Group has implemented a strategy based around three key points:

The development of new markets and new businesses

developpement de nouveaux marches

Headquarters of the Avril Group’s Animal Division in Bruz (France)

  • In order to strengthen its business lines with high added value, the Legendre Group has made real estate development one of its priorities.
  • It is investing in new markets by expanding its service, offering refurbishment, turnkey solutions, operations, production and energy efficiency.
  • It is involved in building the model for green, sustainable and inclusive cities by designing, producing and operating environmentally friendly structures.

R&D and “collaborative” engineering are major pillars in the Legendre Group’s innovation policy. The development of new expertise allows the Group to stand out and position itself within major projects.

The expansion of our territory

The Bacalan Hall in Bordeaux (France)

Expanding geographical limits is a strategic focus of the Group with a view to continuing development.

  • In France, the Legendre Group is extending its coverage by focussing its efforts on large cities: it aims to operate over the long term in Bordeaux.
  • The Legendre Group is also developing its international presence: it is structured to achieve 20% of its turnover abroad in 10 years’ time.

An agile, innovative and communicative organisation

In a constantly changing world, every company must be able to adapt to a new ecosystem, new practices and new demands. The Legendre Group is maintaining its flexibility, so as to be able to adapt to current or future changes in its environment. It shares its expertise when needed and is developing its engineering, working methods, communications and so on. Building and developing a lifestyle within the Group is a daily concern.