Our Story

The Legendre Group was originally a family-run SME. Now, it is a major construction, real estate and energy group, both nationally and internationally.


Real Estate




Jean-Baptiste Legendre set up his small business in Amanlis (France). With just one worker and one apprentice to call on, he carried out home improvement and masonry work in the town and surrounding area. (He was joined by his son Jean-Paul in 1968, then by his second son, Gilbert, in 1973.)



Jean-Baptiste Legendre left the company in the hands of his son Jean-Paul. The building crisis which prevailed at that time forced the company to seek out markets beyond its original region of Ille-et-Vilaine (French département 35). The business then started to take off across western France, Paris and the Île-de-France region and the company grew from 3 to 25 employees.

1993 – 2000

The business also grew quickly in Rennes and Nantes, mainly thanks to major structural work in the housing sector. Development of the real estate business and the geographical expansion of our business after the ’98 building crisis.



External business growth via many company takeovers, and in-house growth with the creation of multiple offices across the French capital and western France.


Development of the Energy business through Armorgreen.


After 42 years at the head of the company, Jean-Paul Legendre retired from the Group on 31 December 2015 and handed control to his son Vincent, who has now been with the company for twelve years. A new system of governance was then put in place, based around three main bodies:
a Board consisting of four General Managers chaired by Vincent Legendre, a Supervisory Board chaired by Jean-Paul Legendre and an Executive Committee.


Directoire du Groupe Legendre

Bold choices, sustained growth and diversified business lines have made it possible to develop markets in Île-de-France, major French cities and more recently, in the UK and Africa.